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A brain maze

What is NeuroBehavioural Modelling?

Emerging from our work we have described Neurobehavioural Modelling (NBM) as a way of beginning to structure our knowledge of the brain sciences in an integrated way that enables us to make practical use of it. 

A definition of NeuroBehavioural Modelling

A formal definition is as follows:

“NeuroBehavioural modelling is the means by which an executive coach, who has a working knowledge of the brain and mind, interacts with a client brain to brain, for the contractually-agreed purpose of creating (structural) change in (the brain of) the client so that

  • Behaviour changes
  • The Self is modified, and
  • The gains made are consolidated over time into lasting and sustainable change” 

In this way, NBM is a framework to guide coaches in using a working knowledge of the brain for creating change and facilitating development in a client.