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Paul's Speaking / Lecturing plans to the end of 2014

27th August: Ho Chi Minh City Catholic Family Business Club: "Managing a Family Business through Generational Change"

28th August: World Trade Organisation, Ho Chi Minh City: "Coaching Family Businesses into a World    Market".

05 September: National Institute of Mental Health, Hanoi:  "Brain, Behaviour, Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology"

06th September: Hanoi, Institute of Reproductive and Family Health:"Human Sexuality: problems and      possibilities"

07 September: Institute for Social Development Studies, Hanoi: "Sex and Human Loving: delights and their discontents"

11-12 September:   Association for Coaching, Ireland:  Days 3 + 4 of "Science of the Art of Coaching".

29th September: Singapore, International Coaching Federation: "Introduction to Neurobehavioural     Modelling"

09 October: London, Royal College of Defence Studies: "Neuropsychology of Leadership"

23 October: British Business Group Vietnam / Hanoi: "Transforming Human Energy into Profit"

29-30 October: Budapest, AC International: "Mastering the Brain in Coaching"

13-14 November: Rio de Janeiro, ICF Global and Latin American Conference: "Leadership and the joined-  up brain".

11-12 December: AC Ireland:  Days 5 + 6 of "Science of the Art of Coaching"

13 December: Ashridge / Scientific Advances in Developing Leaders in Today's Complex Environment Conference:  "Transforming human energy into profit - the leader's task from a neuroscientific perspective. A unifying theory of the individual and the organisation".


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