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It is clear that we are at beginning of an explosion of knowledge about the brain and how it works. In consequence it is arguable that neurobiology will rapidly supplant psychology as the essential discipline for understanding human behaviour. That is a huge conceptual shift that will have a major impact upon the practices of those who involve themselves with the growth and development of individuals at any stage of the life cycle.

About our book

Our book Neuropsychology for Coaches is for the coach who knows s/he has got to get into this “brain stuff” but has no idea where to start and no idea what to do with it then. Coaches are in contact with their clients’ brains all the time – that’s all there is! So this book is designed to provide coaches – and managers who adopt a coaching style – with the capacity to:

  • Be clear about the brain knowledge that’s useful to them (based on some understanding of structure & function)
  • Be clear about what a knowledge of neuroscience and interpersonal neurobiology adds to their coaching outcomes
  • Acquire an avenue into the practical use of this new knowledge
  • Be clear about the emotional substrate of behaviour
  • Use the concept of neuro-behavioural modelling as the organising method of  a brain sciences-based approach to coaching
  • Be clear about these  new ways of going about things
  • Consider all this in relation to the context of an organisation as the aggregate of all the brains in the business

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